iso-27001 Because of the many reports about digital security breaches or DDoS attacks, the importance of protection of your valuable information is once again confirmed. Therefore, you might have to pay more attention to information security. The tension between the necessity and usefulness of security, on the one hand, and the limited financial resources available for this, on the other hand, can place you in an awkward dilemma.

An ISO 27001 certification can help your organization in managing and securing your IT environment and critical information. ISO / IEC 27001:2005 is an internationally recognized certification standard issued by the 'International Organization for Standardization' (ISO). The ISO 27001 certificate is proof that your organization has taken the necessary precautions to protect information against unauthorized access and processing. This gives your customers peace of mind.

We have years of experience in conducting ISO 27001 Audits. When auditing your organization, we assess the implemented measures, taking into consideration the type and size of the organization. If it turns out that you do not meet all relevant items of the standard yet, we will recommend measures in the audit report so that you can increase the security on these items. This takes into account the security of the IT environment as well as the costs to achieve this.

For who is the ISO 27001 Audit intended

  • Whether your organization is large or small and regardless of the business sector your organization operates in, you can be certified to ISO 27001. The standard is particularly suitable for sectors where security of information is of great importance.


  • You can demonstrate compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • You can prove to your customers that there is a safe level of information security and that the information entrusted to you is properly protected;
  • You can carry out an annual recertification, so there is enough attention within the organization to current threats and the level of security in your organization is up to date.


  • You will receive a report with the results of the investigation. If the standard requirements of ISO 27001 are insufficiently secured, the necessary steps for improvement will be outlined;
  • If you meet the criteria, you will receive a certificate showing that you are ISO 27001 certified.