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Complaint and Appeal Procedure

Do you have a complaint? We request that you inform us by filling in the complaints form below. For example, you can file a complaint if you believe that:

  • You have been damaged or are hurt by actions, statements or omissions by Noordbeek or its employees;
  • A technical expression, such as a certificate provided by Noordbeek or a report compiled by Noordbeek, is not correct;
  • Noordbeek’s performance in investigations, certifications or provision of education, courses or training was not as expected.

After sending, you will receive a receipt and a copy of your message. You can expect a response from us as soon as possible.

Appeal procedure

A complainant can start an appeal procedure by contacting the director, the office manager or the independent third party, or filling in the complaints form below.

You can download the complaints and appeal procedure here.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If unfortunately this is not the case, we ask you kindly to contact us so we can work on a solution.

Complaints + Appeal form

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