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IT Audit annual audit

Organizations are increasingly processing their financial data in automated information systems. It becomes, therefore, increasingly important for accountants to integrate IT audit knowledge in their team when conducting annual audits.

Specialist knowledge of IT and IT management needs is necessary for the assessment based on Information Technology (IT) controls in the financial reporting process. An IT auditor may assist your accountant by investigating the programmed controls and general IT controls. The main objective is to identify risks that may affect data reliability. The IT auditor forms judgment on the extent to which your accountant can rely on the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the automated data processing. This assessment enables the auditor your accountant to perform the annual audit more efficiently.

We follow a number of steps:

  • analysis of business processes, gathering of the required controls in and of your IT systems;
  • determination of design and implementation of those controls;
  • assessment of risks associated with weaknesses in the controls;
  • coming up with feasible solutions;
  • forming the final judgment for your accountant.

Who is the IT Audit annual audit intended for?

  • For your organization if you prepare financial statements and make use of automated systems to do so.


  • If the automated systems are assessed positively, your accountant can be reasonably confident in the financial information obtained from these systems. This allows them to reduce the number of loop controls.


  • A report is drafted containing the risk assessment of the automated systems used for the financial commitment. It also contains proposals to mitigate the risks.

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