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Preparing organizations for audit

Great flexibility and many mechanisms that can be made to measure characterize modern technology. This can cause undesired risks to occur. For example, insufficient attention to separation of functions and manageability when setting up management processes.

These risks often come to light only when you have an audit conducted. As a result, the required certificate cannot be issued.

By carrying out a preliminary investigation, you are given certainty whether your company satisfies the required level. Then you may decide to select only those aspects you doubt.

We have experience in conducting the most common audits and are, therefore, able to perform a preliminary investigation of your organization in a short time. This allows you to carry out the statutory audit with a reasonable degree of certainty and obtain the certificate.

What we can offer you

  • The development of standards frameworks for platforms, networks and work programs tailored to your particular situation;
  • Assistance in the preparation for an audit and verification through a quick scan whether you are covering the right risks.


  • You hear, prior to an official audit, whether your organization meets the standards, and if not, what additional measures you need. This allows you to take the necessary steps after which you can have an official audit conducted with confidence.

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